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Face And Body Foundation


gee m.

Mac face and body foundation is a very light and sheer foundation. It does not look like foundation at all when you apply it, it looks like your skin with a little glow to it. It does leave a sticky feeling after you apply the product but once you set it the sticky feeling will go away. Within an hour or two I do start to get oily and will have to blot throughout the day but other than that the foundation last all day on me and is pretty good.

I do have normal to combination skin. I am usually oily in my T-zone. My color is C7. It does come in a 4oz bottle for $32.50.

I recently purchased the smaller bottle of this foundation and I don't know if the formula is different or what but the one that I recently purchased from the new collection does not leave that tacky feeling behind and I have not been getting oily. I have had to blot once a day if that. This has become my new favorite liquid foundation. The smaller version is in a 1.7 bottle and the cost is $27.00. The smaller bottle I am thinking will last me for a year or more because I have been using it for a little over 2 weeks and I have not put a dent in it yet. I have set this foundation with setting powder and I have use this foundation without setting it and either way I was please with the overall outcome with the foundation. I would recommend this foundation to those who do not have a lot of skin problems because the foundation is a sheer foundation. I sometimes apply this foundation with the E.L.F. powder brush however I love applying it with my fingers for a better coverage.