Eye Shadow


Amanda E.
Nothing else like it!

This is the most gorgeous taupe/silver/brown there is! Since this is a taupe with silver shimmer, it pulls both cool and warm undertones. Therefore, it works with all undertones. For me, it pulls out the warmness in my skin and makes my brown eyes pop! Love pairing this with a bronze or silver shade on the lid.

Bethan L.
Just Amazing.

I bought the Satin Taupe and Naked Lunch, ready for my prom last year after having my make-up done at MAC. They recommended the two eye shadows, and I've fallen in love with them ever since. They blend amazingly, and it's great to do a smokey eye that's not too dark. I'd definitely buy these again, and a different colours to continue building up my collection! And another thing, naked lunch works great as a highlighter too!

Lottie S.
My favorite MAC Eyeshadow

First let me start off by saying, I have a thing for taupes. Really, truly, I just love them. But now onto this eyeshadow. This is such a beautiful color that no description would do it justice. It compliments every skin tone and eye color. I use it on days when I do not feel like wearing much makeup or do not have a lot of time for complicated makeup. You can play with it and create a more dramatic look with this color. The staying power is great.

Michelle B.
Satin Taupe was my first

and right now is the only eyeshadow from MAC that I own. Right now, I am trying to get rid of all my other eyeshadows because I seem to buy new eyeshadow every other day! But I love my Satin Taupe eyeshadow so much!

Wafi A.
Great for my Skin

I wanted to give this specific color a shout out. I am absolutely obsessed with this color. I wore it a few times mixed with other colors and it never really worked. I tried this the other day on my lids alone. I packed the color on, added some liner, and some mascara, and that was it.

I really loved the texture and how it blended into my skin. I gave my eyes a smokey, sultry look. I only used this one color. I think it's a must have color.

melissa p.
Beautiful Color

I love MAC shadows, some more than others-I find shades like Naked Lunch, Sweet Lust and Honesty to be horribly pigmented, but there are so many other beautiful shades that make up for the lemons of the line. My favorite colors are Retrospeck, Jest, Tempting, Phloof!, and a few other limited edition colors like Grand Entrance, Glamour Check! and Go. But my all time favorite color has got to be Satin Taupe, its silky and pigmented, applies beautiful and is gorgeous as an all over lid color or crease color. Absolutely love it!

Glamgirlyily O.
Fav Mac Eyeshadow!

I really love this color its super soft when applied and it goes great with purple eyeshadows which I love I think I'm gonna buy stars n rockets to go with it! Its such a pretty browny purple gray color and it looks amazing

Mindy N.
Favorite Go To Eye Shadow

This is my favorite go-to eyeshadow for any occasion. I just love the color and the the look that i can create with these shadows. They last all day long, which is a huge deal for me. I have a hard time with eye make up products because I feel like none of them last that long. This one is definitely worth every penny.

callitbeauty D.
Great Quality, Great Selection!

We all know MAC has amazing eyeshadows, but I'm here to talk about my personal favourite: Satin Taupe. Not only is it absolutely gorgeous (taupe with silver shimmer, according to the MAC website), but it applies and blends like a dream. My current favourite way to sport it is by applying it along my lower lash line. It's dark enough to add soft definition and makes for a great natural look.

Victoria S.
One of the best taupes out there!
Photo of product included with review by Victoria S.

I've tried just about every taupe out there, some lean too gray, some are more metallic, some are matte, some have glitter, but this is the right balance of shimmer to wear to the office, or smoked out with some black eyeshadow for an evening out.

This is the shadow that you always come back to. When Shu ME 850 is off being a little too flashy...BAM. Satin taupe, a trusted favorite, comes to your side. If Bobbi Brown matte taupe is too tired to go out....BOOM. All Satin taupe needs is her little black eyeshadow dress and she's good to go!

This is definitely a MAC cult favorite. It's a shimmering taupe that leans a little more to the brown side versus gray. It's an effortless lid or crease shade and looks great on ALL skin tones. I pair it with just about any color!

***Please see my review on Sumptuous Olive for a quick and general overview of MAC eyeshadows