Eye Shadow


Natty G.
Oh Yeah, i love it!!!

As u can see from the name, its a bright gold color, the color is very good for yellow undertone skin colour like me , the color is very pigmented, no fall off .... This is my favourite color so fat ^^

Victoria S.
You've struck gold with goldmine!

It's hard to find pressed metalllic eyeshadows with amazing pigment. I came across MAC Goldmine and was immediately enticed. A lot of golds shade can either have too much green or yellow tones in them; it's not a flattering shade on the eyes. Goldmine is the exception. It's a very well balanced gold and actually matches with a lot of shades. It can stand on its own with some black liquid liner and mascara, or look totally outrageous with a dramatic purple or burgundy shade (remember, yellow and purple are complements on the color wheel and make each other look brighter). Goldmine is a great basic gold to have in your collection that will brighten eyes. It's very pigmented, but if are going for the look of liquid metal on your eyes, I recommend MAC Gold Pigment (a loose powder) instead of this one.

***Please see my review on Sumptuous Olive for a quick and general overview of MAC eyeshadows