Eye Shadow

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Arait M.

I Love this colour!!!! and best thing is you don't need to use alot of it because its so pigmented also it looks great with the chrome yellow for a summer look...also i use my finger to apply it, i just find it easier that way

Madi B.
So pretty

I love Aquadisiac mainly because my favourite colour is blue. This was my first MAC eye shadow colour and I use it quite a bit. Sometimes it doesn't show up as much as I would like it to, but it's a very light colour and it's a great one to use.

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Misty B.

I love using this color as a base color, it goes on smoothly and evenly. It is also good as a highlight color. It is a good color to use for hazel or brown eyes.

Maheen S.

I absolutely love this color. Its beautiful and has amazing pigmentation. I would recommend it to every girl out there. The finish is very nice and it goes on so smooth. Works great for the whole POP-OF-COLOR look.

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Micah B.

I absolutely LOVE all of MAC's eyeshadows No matter whatever else I fall in Love with MAC will always have my heart! some of my favs are sushi flower, newly minted, contrast, jest, naked lunch, cork and soo much more!