Dazzleglass Lipcolour

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Maire K.

Dazzleglass, especially Baby Sparks (my go to go product), is my favorite MAC product to wear. I love the shimmer and how it makes my lips pop. I also love the feel. Smacking my lips together should be a sport in itself,lol. I actually love the dazzleglass (lipglosses) of Mac more then then their Lip Sticks. From what I have experience with Baby Sparks it long lasting. I put it on at 7AM and it was still showing by 4PM.

Maria c.
great color

i love dazzleglass lipcolour . baby sparks is an amazing color and filled with a lot of sparkle in it. i would recommend to everyone. i also like the color "like venus"too

Amanda K.
baby sparks ftw

this was supposed to be a LE gloss but people loved it so much they added it to their regular line. one of those people being me =]. its great for a natural look or a dramatic look or a nude look! i like it with a smoky eye. its a bright lightish pink with sparkle and major drama. beautiful!