True Match foundation


Stephanie T.
My go to foundation.

I'm not super huge on foundations and don't own a ton of them but when I don't feel like using my nice stuff, this is what I reach for. It matches me perfectly and really blends nicely.

The only problem I have is it doesn't stay on for as long as I'd like it to. Other than that it's great!

Michelle D.

One of the best drugstore foundations ever! It goes on very smoothly, and this was one of the first foundations I used when I started using makeup. It has great coverage and I love the formula. The only complaint I have in the bottle will have extra product you cannot reach when you have ran out.

Madison H.

This foundation is not a full coverage foundation but it spreads out on the face so evenly and looks so natural, it leaves a dewy glow on the skin! It is such a good price!

Angela W.
For a drugstore brand I was impressed.

I always like to try, well, everything lol.. so I was pretty excited to get this product home and test it out. It's heavily pigmented in a light formula so you can get great coverage without having to put a ton on. Dries to a matte finish. The color was pretty good too- a little on the pinkish side for me but it wasn't too bad after the rest of my makeup was done. I'd totally buy it again.

Chantel W.
ok cheapo foundation.

i have used this foundation for years. As my skin has been clearer and healthier its been a ok fall back for when i need a light coverage. Because i have very oily skin its not a long lasting wear but I tend to refresh my foundation with a pressed powder foundation later in the day. Its a great value for a light coverage drug store foundation.

Emily S.
Not bad

This is a nice, blendable foundation and is good if you aren't going for a super full coverage look. It isn't the best if you want full coverage or you want something more buildable. I do like the shade choices. Very diverse. I usually don't condone buying L'oreal products because they do participate highly in animal testing but I had heard a lot of good reviews about this. Honestly it really is a nice foundation but doesn't allow much room for a dewy look, if that's what you're going for. Overall, I think it is equally as good as it is bad.

Mackenzie R.

This product is really good considering it being a drugstore foundation. It's matte and for me it doesn't stay on that well, even when wearing a primer. Anyways it's good and the price is even better

Roberta M.
Not good

It was very difficult to remove, even with lots of soap, which wasn't good because I have sensitive skin. It was like paint. I also had more of a skin problem when I was using it, which I suspect this product did not help.

Julie R.
No thanks

The colors are not bad..but i hate how thin and watery it is...the coverage is too thin and u end up putting way to many layers on. Its just not for me.

Emily  M.
not impressed.

although many people love this product, I didn't at all. first off, the whole "warm neutral cool" thing was confusing. second the coverage isn't good, and last it was very cakey on my skin. from my experience I would not recommend, but if you want to try it you should, you may like it.