True Match Lumi Healthy Luminous Makeup SPF 20


Abbi G.
I love it.

I've used so many different foundations and I love this one. I don't like a lot of coverage, I like sheer to medium and use concealer for my problem areas. It's perfect. I use a translucent powder to set it. It gives me a gorgeous glow and they actually have a shade that doesn't make me look orange. (I'm extremely anemic and have an almost green undertone so finding foundation is hard for me). Nice coverage, not heavy, goes a long way, nice price, packaging is great, only thing I would change is my chin is extremely oily and it does move around a bit but other than that it's great.

Natalie D.
favorite drugstore foundation ever

I have combo skin leaning more towards the oily side and this doesn't budge. I wore it to my brother's birthday party at 1pm and it didn't budge until 2am.

Kimberly T.

So, I wanted to try this for the longest time but had tons of other foundations I wanted to use up first. Well I finally gave in & purchased this one. I was so so so excited that I went straight home, took my makeup off, & started applying this. I have rather normal, boring skin. A little oily in the smoldering, humid summer weather of Ga & just a little dry in the dry winters (just humidity & climate changes). I read online that this was a rather moisturizing foundation so I figured it'd be perfect for winter.. When I first applied it, I was defiantly not impressed.. I looked cakey, I'm only seventeen & I had crazy looking wrinkles in places I wasn't even sure you could have wrinkles. I took it off & didn't mess with it for a few days, i recently went back & tried it again. But this time over two moisturizers, a primer, & a bb cream. I look completely flawless. I will take the few extra steps to be able to wear this because the coverage & finish is amazing. The foundation has a medium coverage, able to build, & gives the most healthy glow! I receive compliments every time I wear this!

Fanni M.

I have combination to oily skin so first I was afraid to try this product but I wasn't disappointed! I use this foundation when I'm going for a nice, natural look and don't want a lot of covarage. It is definitely buildable but you won't get a full coverage no matter how many layers you apply. :) Since my T-zone is oily I rather use it as a highliter, so basically I apply it all over my face but I don't powder it on the high points of my cheeks and it gives a beautiful, healthy glow.

If you have dry skin and want a nice glow, I would definetely recomend it but don't be afraid if your skin tends to get oily like mine, just make sure you apply some powder or just use it as an illuminator.

Holly K.
I was very disappointed.

I was very excited about this foundation when I saw it in stores. I saw that it had a pump and the color selection looked amazing. I had also watched some videos about it on YouTube and it was called “the perfect foundation for a pale girl.” I guess I’m too pale… For me the lightest color was alright but I needed it to be a little lighter. The coverage was not very good either. I have old acne scars that are pretty dark and it did not come close to covering it. The foundation could not even really cover all of the redness in my skin either. Because I’m so pale any redness in my skin is really apparent and this foundation only covered it a little bit. It could not cover the redness of new blemishes either. The texture of the foundation put me off a lot too. Whenever I buy liquid foundations, I expect them to feel like liquids. This foundation was very powdery whenever I went to apply it to my face. When it comes to staying power, this foundation comes up short yet again. I noticed that this foundation disappeared in patches throughout a couple of hours. It also rubbed off on EVERYTHING. I hugged a friend of mine and there was a smudge on his shirt from where my chin hit his shoulder. It was extremely embarrassing. This foundation caused a major breakout for me too. I recently found a new face wash that helped almost clear my face completely. Then I used this foundation and I had a monstrous breakout all over my face. It was heart breaking. Overall, I can’t say that I would recommend this foundation to anyone. It just did not work for me at all. It could work for someone else though. The only pro that I found was the pump. I love foundations that have pumps because they’re a lot more sanitary and less messy.

Michelle B.
In a word, "nope"

Like others, i was really excited about the pump! I was so excited to use it, and I really wanted to love it, but my dry skin was almost instantly greasy after applying. The coverage is sheer and makes me break out. The packaging is what gets 2.5 stars.