Studio Secrets Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream


Allison A.

My holy grail of BB creams. This was my first BB cream that I've tried, and I've been obsessed with it ever since. I've tried others, but they just don't compare! I love how easy it is to blend. All you do is apply the product on your fingers and blend it onto your skin. Then watch the magic happen! It evens out my skin so greatly, I absolutely love it. Also, I have oily skin and I feel like it is great for my skin type! I recommend to anyone who's looking for a good BB cream!

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Amanda V.
My Go To in the Morning

When I wake up, I usually don't want heavy makeup on. I use this bb cream to even out my redness around my nose and blend it all in with my beauty blender. I love this product because it gives the perfect coverage and marches to anybody's skin tone. I recommend this is youre trying makeup out. This bb cream is amazing!

Ivet C.
My Favorite!

This is the fastest and easiest thing to throw on in the morning. Perfect for everyday use and doesn't make you break out! Alittle goes a long way and its very blendable plus light weight.

Emily T.

omg so great it feels like your wearing nothing it blends right in and smooths and blurs your face love this holy grail!!! But I wish they would make a larger bottle!

Mari S.
You won't need anything else!

I don't use a lot of make up on my daily, this product gives me perfect coverage and do makes a difference on my uneven skin. 1- Cheap 2- Last long 3- nice coverage 4- mosturizer 5- my sking DID NOT breakout .

Love it! Mari - bonitiful.wordpress.com

Veronica Y.
Best tint to ever touch my face!

My new obsession, I am blown away by this product. My products are a great mix of the super expensive to drugstore, but primers and foundations were my biggest splurge. Flawless skin for me ranks higher than all- hair, nails, etc. I was happy with my bare minerals for a while, but the application process was pretty lengthly and best saved for nights out. On my quest for a quick morning routine that would still produce a flawless look I came upon a sample for this Magic BB cream By Loreal. I confess, the liquid gray consistency confused me, bringing flashbacks of this skin adjusting foundation I tried that was just horrid. Alas, I put it on to see what would happen and ran out of the house (I was late for something, as usual) To my great surprise, when I glanced into a mirror over an hour later my skin looked phenomenal! Perfect, evenly blended, a great tan shade to match my body, no shine what so ever (I live in south Florida and this is hard to impossible to achieve even with powders). I couldn't believe a little bit of this gray liquid made my skin look like that, no powder, no coverup.. Nothing. Rest assured this was something I needed to buy ASAP, and of course the four drugstores I visit In a two day time period did not have this stocked. I was too antsy for this kind of wait and bought the Garnier BB cream to hold me over till I could order Loreals. For me, Garniers was GARBAGE! Horrid blending, uneven drying, colors not matching. I even swapped it for a darker shade with some kind of hope but was not satisfied at all. My excitement when damn Walgreens finally got Loreals Magic line was beyond. They were having a bogo sale, so I bought 3 of the BBs (2 mediums for me, 1 light for moms when I fly to NY for Christmas) and one tube of the light reflecting primer. Let me say, that light primer plus the bb cream is total perfection! Flawless all day, even while working out hard at the gym. I am so happy with this product, and thoroughly stocked for winter. I honestly can't wait to show this to my mom and aunt, because we all have spent thousands on creams, foundations and powders for our uneven, yet pimple free (dry) skintone. This is a ridiculous ramble but honestly five stars to Loreal for this miracle product!

Scarlett R.
my face has never looked so flawless

I decided to buy this after reading a lot of positive reviews on it. Boy they weren't joking. You don't need a lot of it and as i'm putting it on, I can just see my skin look even and bright. Very healthy glow. After applying that, I set it with some loose powder and I swear hours later my face looked as if I had just applied it. I got the L'Oreal one & haven't been disappointed.

Silvia D.
Holy grail!

Absolutely love this product! I use it on days I don't want to use any foundation or tinted moisturizer. A little goes a long way & it definitely does what is says

Silvia D.
Holy grail!

Absolutely love this product! I use it on days I don't want to use any foundation or tinted moisturizer. A little goes a long way & it definitely does what is says

Marina S.
Wonderful for a non-cake feeling

I love this stuff no joke I don't think I ever had such a wonderful bb cream. I guess I'm going to go onto the pros and cons :) Pros: -long lasting -hydrating -light on skin -it turns from white to your color so it's easy to see where you didn't blend properly

Cons: -I feel it takes a second for it to adjust if that's even the word I want to use I wear it and it looks lighter than what it shows

I guess of con though I just use a shade of powder that's darker slightly and it fixes the issue but sometimes I don't want to add so much to my face. I like that it really does leave a flawless look and I wear it everyday I just love love love love love this regardless of the one con I just love this stuff I switched from maybellines version to this one and I will say I like it better. I have been wearing my make up since six am til nine pm and it still looks wonderful! I like the fact that it does not look caked on I use the revlon color stay foundation but i find its too much for my face for everyday use so over all this product really gets the job done for a non caked feeling and flawless look all day this product has your back :)