Infallible Eyeshadow

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Kaitlyn C.
Love !!

Probaly the best shadow I've ever bought at the drugstore ! I have 7 nd amber rush is def my fav. !!! They are highly pigmented & they go on best with a sponge applicator, for me at least. It seems to kinda be a mix between a creame and powder. Butt i have the pearly pink one & it has this weird liquid in it everytime i open it. I'll clean it out but it will have liquid in it the next time i use it. I dont know if it is suppose to be like that or what ? But still greattttt eyeshadows !!!!! They also do not crease !

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Alexa A.

THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!! I not only have Amber Rush but also Eternal Sunshine and they are both so amazing! The texture of the shadows is so hard to describe they are so silky, satiny, smooth, and creamy! At first I couldn't tell whether it was powder or cream! The pigmentation and color payoff is outstanding! One of the best Eyeshadows I have used ever! So cheap but so amazing! LOVE THIS!

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Haley F.

I own a few of these L'Oreal Infallible eye shadows including Iced Latte, Bronzed Taupe, and Amber Rush. These shadows are so very pigmented and give me my favorite metallic eye shadow look! You would love these if you are a shimmer kind of person, maybe not so much if you prefer subtle matte colors. Amber Rush is the perfect rose gold color, great for achieving soft, romantic eyes! I highly recommend trying these out!

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Kiki S.
I own 4 and love them!

I own Amber Rush, Iced Latte, Bronzed Taupe and Blinged and Brilliant from the Holiday Collection and they are amazing. Amber Rush is a gorgeous rose-gold color and Bronzed Taupe goes with all of them perfectly as a crease color. Blinged and Brilliant reminds me a lot of Stila's Kitten but I love the formulation of these so much more than a regular eyeshadow. They blend flawlessly and have a ton of shine and shimmer which I love. The best part is they're drugstore and can often be found on deals in Rite Aids or CVS's and any other drugstore around. Totally worth checking out!

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Jittaun W.
Love them!

I own quite a lot of eyeshadows from this particular line and they are unlike any other eyeshadow in the drugstore. The texture and pigmentation is what sold me! The silk-like texture reminds me sooo much of the UD eyeshadows I swatched in Sephora a couple weeks ago. The pigmentation is unreal with just one swatch and even more pretty when using the foiling method. Quite honestly, I won't be happy until I own them all, but they're $10 a pop! I know a lot of people complain about them being hard to blend. I personally did not have this problem. I always use a base under my eyeshadows to make sure they glide on smoothly and natural bristle brushes are best for applying powder products like these.

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Jessica H.
Great shimmery eyeshadow

I have about 7 of the shades in the shade range, including 3 of the limited edition shades that recently released. I do think this is a very innovative product, and is fantastic if you are a lover of high shimmer on your eyelids. They are very smooth and creamy, almost having a silk-like texture, and the trendy packaging makes it excellent for travel. The only con about this product is the way it applies when you use a brush. Because of the consistency of the product, it is not really brush friendly, making it hard to pick up the color with a brush, and apply it or blend it out. I have heard that it is best to use your finger when applying, however, I am not a fan of applying makeup with your fingers, for sanitation reasons, so I do prefer to use a brush. I often have too work a little bit harder with the product to get it to apply the way I want because I use a brush, but I think all the shades are gorgeous, and I think it is worth the extra effort

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