Lit Cosmetics

Clearly Liquid Glitter Base 4ml


Victoria D.
Can't tell you how amazing this stuff is!

I have been wanting to try Lit cosmetics for FOREVER, and thanks to Beautylish, I finally got a chance to! I've tried a lot of different glitter bases in the past. Some gel formulas, liquid formulas, etc. But nothing has preformed as amazingly as this glitter base. You can literally paint the glitter on, over eyeshadow, or alone. Even with application, there was very minimal fallout, compared to any other time I've tried to apply glitter. It takes a couple seconds to dry, and may feel a bit tight, but after a few blinks, it'll loosen up, and you're good to go! Another great part of this stuff is that you need the smallest amount of it. Just dip your brush into the liquid, wipe the excess off on the edge of the bottle, stick it into your glitter and then onto your eye. So simple! Even through out my day, there was hardly any fall out, after 12 hours of wear. Which is something I've never gotten out of ANY other glitter base/adhesive I've ever used before. If I ever run out of this, I will not even have to think twice about repurchasing! Thanks to this amazing glitter base, I feel confident enough to wear glitter more and more often, without worrying about fallout/creasing/disappearing!

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Khay H.
Great product for glitter pigments!

As a makeup artist, I am always on the look for ways to keep glitter pigments from getting all over a client's face. After using LA Splash shadow primer, I decided to try LIT Cosmetics glitter base and I AM VERY VERY HAPPY I did! It does not interfere with the glitter at all. And a little goes a long way. xoxo