Jouer Cosmetics

Long-Wear Lip Crème


Heidi C.

This is not only easy to apply and long lasting, but it smells amazing!!! It is weightless and even better with one of the lovely lip toppers!!!

Cindy D.
Great quality

I love the way this liquid lipstick goes on!! Very smooth, no flavor or stickiness. Unfortunately, I did not care for this specific shade, it was too taupe for my complexion, it looks grey on me. However, this doesn't change my opinion of the product, I just need to re-order another color.

Tzu fan Y.

Very comfortable to wear, it feels like you wear nothing on your lips,100% transfer proof,and it's a very beautiful color.

Gail B.
Amazing !

I really like it ! I am going to order another shade. Great packaging also. Makes me feel special as a customer and that is key. Thank you..

Jackie M.
Nice feel, not heavy.

The lipstick didn't stay on as long as you proclaim but it was long enough for me. I like the feel of the creme, not heavy but comfortable. The colors are hard to pick for me but I have found two colors I like; rose gold and norisette.

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Sonja M.

Jouer makes some of my favorite matte liquid lip sticks. The formula is so light weight and comfortable and it stays on all day with completely opaque color pay off. Noisette is a beautiful milk chocolate shade, simple yet stunning.

Stingray ..

Eh. That's the only word I can describe this product. The color is to die for but the formula? Not the best at all in my opinion. You're better off buying something from your local drugstore (I have a couple formula dupes for this product) and save half the price. The product itself crumbled and didn't last more than an hour and a half before needing to be retouched. I thought this liquid lipstick was to die for until I tried an actual good quality one that blew me out of the water. I wear it strictly for the color of the product but if the color wasn't as beautiful as it is, I would definitely keep it moving.

Stingray ..
It was alright

This product is honestly my favorite shade ever. It's not too brown but not too nude either. For reference I am an NC42 in Mac foundations and that is the color it appears on my skin tone! I thought this lipstick was great but then I bought another brand and instantly knew this lipstick wasn't as good as I thought.

Pros: It's long wearing Color is beautiful Not too expensive Travel size friendly Good smell

Cons: It feels heavy Gives you the "butthole" lip affect It crumbles pretty easy If you're eating it's going to fade If transfers foe the first hour you have it on.

If you're thinking of buying, I'd expand your options into other brands/formulas. This could have been solely my shade but oh well.

Candy L.
Beautiful shade

I love this color and formula. It looks great on my medium skin tone. It lasted for several hours without fading, crumbling or settling. The only reason I had to reapply during my 12hr shift was because I was lucky enough to actually get a lunch break. It seems the only thing that breaks this formula is oils. It doesn't feel drying though. I thought I would prefer the shade Terra, but it was too pink on me. Noisette is very flattering. My only thing about the brand I don't understand is the packaging, it's odd. Overall, love this formula, hope they continue to come out with more shades.

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Stacy W.
Love it!

It's the perfect shade for my skin tone, and it literally stays on all day!! I like that it drys, but doesn't dry out my lips. It leaves my lips feeling moisturized, not not oily. I'm ordering more in different shades!

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