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Long-Wear Lip Crème


Valerie B.
Perfect shade
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I love Cabarnet by Jouer. It is a long wearing lip colour that exceeded the 5 hor mark! I highly recommend this colour and brand

Valerie B.
Perfect shade

I'm in love with Jouer Cabarnet. On my skin tone it's an every day long wearing lipstick. I would highly recommend this product. I have used it often on my YouTube channel.

Erin R.
Beautiful color... not as long lasting as I had hoped

Started off the day fine, tried to take it easy with foods and drink and yet, it started to slip and bleed after maybe half a day? I'm going to try again, see if I can keep it from making me look loke a clown by the end of the day. I was hoping it would be my go to, long wear, stay all day, matte cream but I don't think that will be the case. Back to the drawing board.

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Jenny L.
Nice color

Love the color, not a fan of the packaging. There's a weird notch in on one of the sides that I don't really like. However, the lip color itself is true to what you see in the bottle, very pigmented. It wears well (under normal conditions) and is lightweight but kind of goes on streaky at first so be sure to blend while still wet. Also it will run if you eat messy things (found out the hard way) so just be aware of that. I still like the product but it's definitely not an all purpose wear kinda thing, maybe for classier events only lol and not diving into a huge ice cream cone.

Nimmi S.

I love this colour! I have been looking for the perfect red shade for years-I finally found it-something perfectly subtle like this-it's perfect!

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Rebecca P.
Not a fan at all.
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I am a lover of dark red lip sticks, so thought I'd try this brand. Did not like the formula at all. If you can handle super drying, then maybe. Colour was nice, but when it dried it became 2 shades lighter, which I wasn't impressed with. Coverage was alright, but got this weird bunch up of pigment on my lower lip in the middle region, which was very odd. It all just felt super dry & very uncomfortable. I only tried this dark matte shade, so I don't know what the rest are like, but this just did not work for me at all, very disappointed. Everyone else seems happy with theirs, so the other shades might be better.

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Rong Y.
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Lindsey S.
Streaky and Crumbly

I tried using this in thin layers, building it up, with a light balm under, without balm, exfoliated lips, ect;. It was super dry and streaky when applying and it crumbled off before I even got the chance to eat or drink with it on. Not worth the money in my opinion.

Robyn H.

This is so streaky and the worst liquid lip i've ever purchased. It went crumbly and dried out gross. I bought 2 other colours which go on just fine. but this colour forumulation was just horrible

Lyra A.
Rich Pigment but too drying

I have 3 other colors in this line and the cabernet was so drying it started to flake off after 30 minutes. The other colors I have don't have this particular issue. Had to return. I did give it an extra star because I love the color but other than that this really deserved 1 star.

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