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Liquid Frost

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Tonya M.

Absolutely love this. It's my second shade. My 1st one was ice cream bling. I truly couldn't be happier. A little goes a long way. I tend to use my finger bc it definitely makes a difference. I think the sponge soaks up the pigment to much

Brittany B.
Do not like

I've used this three times since I bought this - I also purchased the frozen peach shade. I tried to make this work but I just can't. When it dries down it's almost like a glue and has a tighten effect that makes my skin look like it's shriveled up in whichever area I apply it. Not flattering on the face, at least bit for me. But I find if I mix a little if this with my body lotion, I can create a nice shimmer on the body which looks nice in the summer

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Llana D.
Love it!!!

I feel like the Angels in Heaven can see the gleam on my cheekbones! Very pigmented, very glittery, and you get a lot of product. I found out the hard way a full dropper of product is too much if you're just doing the face. A little goes a loooong way!

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Ashia A.
Holy balls this is intense

It’s lovely very lovely but ‘‘tis too chunky for my cheek highlight. I like this as an innerconner and other things. Love it on the body in my lotion!!

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Bella M.
Too much glitter

I thought this was going to be a nice highlight and it is very pigmented but it’s also so glittery.

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Amy E.
I like it

I do not wear foundation, so i really like the glittery finish it leaves on my face. Perfect for you body too .. I like it :)

Emmi L.
Like it

Very pretty for corner highlight but not sure how I feel about applying this to my face full of makeup. It seems to take off foundation underneath. But I like to mix in with my foundation so I will keep. This would be great for a laid back day without foundation. I will be buying tons of the powder formula with Jeffree Star!

Rylie O.
Beautiful but doesn't work

I love the product itself. The first two times I used it the dropper worked find but now nothing comes out and it's just not usable. I am a big fan of Jeffree Star products so this was disappointing.

Ariel M.

I am obsessed with this product! Frostbite has white/silver reflects and looks like a supernova on the skin. In the light, it is dazzling. One drop will cover a large surface area. I use for a body highlight, like on my chest, collarbone, or down the center of my legs. I have gotten so many compliments, and wearing it attracts a lot of attention. Do keep in mind that the glitter will transfer if you touch it. This is my first Jeffree Star Cosmetics purchase, and I am floored by the performance of this product. I will be purchasing again, and would recommend this product to other buyers in the market for an excellent, all-eyes-on-me body highlight.

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Amber T.
Glittery and Gorgeous

This liquid highlighter isnt for the faint of heart. So blinding and glittery and making me glow brighter than the gods. Not sticky at all and lasts well, looks amazing on both bare skin and makeup. I'm so happy with this product!!