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Velour Lip Scrub

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Rose C.
shocked and addicted

Honestly did not understand the hype. Until I tried it! It is addictive and so tasty! It has sodium benzoate associated to cancer as a preservative so, I thought I love this but need to make my own. I succeeded! So for JS lip scrubs they are perfect except for this preservative, so I will go easy on them since I made my own formula. The jar is large and I will repurpose over and over. I want them all but until he makes them all natural, I will hold off.

Colleen B.

I absolutely love this lip scrub. This is the second one I've ordered. I have the watermelon gum one and they work really well to get rid any dead skin I have on my lips cause they get chapped easily.

Christina S.
Love this product

I like Jeffree’s lip scrubs more than any other that I have tried so far. It smells great and leaves my lips feeling super smooth!!

Lena L.
Soo Good

Not only foes this scrub work perfectly, but it smells and taste great!! Don't have to worry about a nasty taste if it gets in my mouth!! Smells Heavenly.

Aimee M.
Makes my lips smooth and soft.

I bought this directly from the JSC website. I first got the eggnog flavor which is still am not a huge fan of (I gave it to my husband who loves the flavor). I do however think that the root beer flavor tastes great. My husband and I use this product and it helps get rid of all the dead skin and moisturizes our lips really well.

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Alexandra L.

The smell is amazing the taste is great I love how soft my lip felt and noticed the difference after using and applying liquid lipstick amazing

Cherie M.

Tastes EXACTLY like the real thing and exfoliates like a dream. Will definitely be trying different flavors soon and I love the payment plan option!

Danicia H.
Your Best Lips
Photo of product included with review by Danicia H.

This lip scrub is amazing. Made from all natural ingredients; Smells amazing, leaves your lips refreshed, rejuvenated, and luscious. A must have!

Steph A.
Love, Love, Love!

I love this one so much, it reminds me of my childhood, I am very happy with this one, and all of the other ones that I have ordered. I love how it smells just like a root beer float. it makes my lips soft, and smelling great.

Isabela R.

I loved it this was my first time purchasing from this brand and website and I was not disappointed I use this product a lot it is one of my favorites