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AMC Pure Pigment Eye Shadow

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Claudia  R.
Quality product for a good price

I was surprised to find that these were extremely pigmented. I find it easier to work with than the MAC pigments. I loved the shade that I got (84). If you're thinking of passing this shade up, consider getting it if you like colors that are more complex/duochromes. This shade has flashes of greens, a warm brown, and a bit of gold. It is absolutely stunning. I've gotten several compliment when I've had this on. I will definitely be ordering more of these!

Kelly R.
Beautiful color!
Photo of product included with review by Kelly R.

These were not as finely milled and a little more chunky than I expected but man are they stunning! The colors are so unique and crazy pigmented. Even though they're a little chunky application is still easy, use a glitter glue or some water, eye drops, etc to foil them on. Absolutely beautiful!