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Indie Lee

Banish Stick


Teri A.
The only product that works on my breakouts

Only one time in my life had I found a product that cleared my blemishes and it was by Darphin and of course, they discontinued it. I held off on trying Indie's Blemish Stick for a long time. I kept thinking it was overhyped. How unfortunate for me and my skin. I have combination skin that occasionally breaks out, usually around "that time" of the month. It can be anything from a cyst or a run of the mill blemish. This product has cleared them all for me. I panic if I think I am running low. Be sure to apply it each time on clean skin. Otherwise you will pull oils and product from your face and it will end up clouding the tube. Wish there was another delivery system for it because of this but I've had no issues. Love it!

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Romee H.
A drop goes a long way!

I wish I found this product sooner, Indie Lee Blemish Stick is an amazing blemish spot treatment, it works like magic! It's not super dry on skin but effective. This is my second bottle, the first bottle I used with the ward and it made inside of bottle dirty so the second bottle I used the product with a Q - Tip. My bottle stays clean and my spot is gone.

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Charlie H.
Excellent Blemish Fighter...

I purchased this after eyeballing it from afar for about three months. I was already buying the Squalane Facial Oil, so I went ahead and threw this in my shopping basket. I am in the midst of repairing my skin’s moisture barrier, but I still wanted something to carry around in my purse in case of a severe breakout. Hitting it hard and fast is the key. And this Blemish Stick works well with that blemish philosophy. Firstly, it doesn’t leak! The packaging it excellent! Secondly, I find when I use this the moment I feel a blemish starting, I can either stop it altogether or diminish its life expectancy by a day or two. It also stops it from becoming a complete monster. The alcohol scent is strong for those who have a sensitive nose, but I wasn’t bothered by it. The smell doesn’t linger; it dissipates quickly. It will sting broken skin. All in all, I find that this does exactly what it is supposed to do. A definite repurchase!

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Daisy B.

I love Idie Lee, her products have saved my skin. This blemish stick works wonders! Trust me. I had a pimple and I put some on in the night when I woke up the pimple was gone. As soon as I see something on my face, I just put it on and I don't have to worry about a pimple showing up. I really love this:)

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Pam C.

Simply great!! Definitely a must buy. I keep it in my purse at all times. Perfect for on the spot treatment, even over makeup. If you're still not sure, I say...worth every penny.

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Jennifer C.
Love this stuff, don't use the applicator

Pros: - It doesn't dry out my dehydrated skin :) - WORKS! If I hit a spot right at the beginning it's just a bit red for awhile, and when they've gotten a bit further along it keeps it to 1-2 days instead of 4-7 - Lasted ~6 months even though my skin has been having problems so I used it often

Cons: - The applicator. Guys, just make it a dropper and this is 5 stars all day long! I saw reviews mentioning it got gross so I only used it right after cleaning my face, no. Still gross. I started using q-tips midway through and will be doing that 100% of the time with my new bottle.

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V W.
Actually works!

I've tried out number of acne products and at this point, I took a leap and bought this assuming that it would be a over hyped product that I would eventually return. This is the first time I've used Idie Lee's products, and surprisingly, I'm glad I tried it out! Initially, I wasn't sure if this product had any effect but after a few days, I noticed my acne actually reduced in redness and size. I love how the formula is a really light liquid solution, and how mild it is such that my skin doesn't develops any red inflammatory reaction (which has happened with Murad's acne solution). The duality of function and design is remarkable. The applicator is like lipgloss cap, so it makes it super easy to dab on top of my ance!

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Shannon W.
Works great!

I suffer from the occasional once a month zit. This clears it up in just a couple days. Love it!

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Myla C.
I think I found the one....

I am so happy that I tried this product even though I had doubts about the efficacy of it. I have been having issues with breakouts around my chin and it just doesn't seem to stop. It was like one after another and it got so annoying really. I was starting to have insecurities. As soon as I received this item in the mail. I tried it on the red areas of my chin and a few on my cheeks. I saw an immediate reaction which made me really excited. As I continue to use this with a combination of Kiehl's Spot Treatment on some of my blemishes, I can say that this product is a MUST! The redness went away and the little zits that wants to come out dried out. Less is more on this one. I combined the spot treatment with the banish stick on the bigger ones on my chin and it worked great. I think I found the perfect combination for curing blemishes and not dealing so much with the aftermath.

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Neeve W.

I notice a difference on my blemishes within an hour or so, they are calmed and less red and it doesn't dry my skin around the spot (I have very dry skin so lots of blemish treatments are a nightmare). Totally 100 agree with the other reviews about the doe foot applicator... please fix! But yes basically what I have been looking for for forever!

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