Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm

How to Use: Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm


McKayla S.

The employee told me that it would work good in getting my new Kat Von D Smoke and Mirrors lipstick set off. He definitely was right. I like this product, but I don't think I would buy it for the price and I honestly am not a huge fan of the solid remover. You're almost smearing it all over your face again which leads to a greasy face for a bit. I'll stick to liquid makeup removers.

Stephanie  H.
Definitely Holy Grail Status!

I’m so happy that Beautylish sent me a sample of this item. I absolutely love it! I had been using Clinique’s Take It Off Cleansing Balm, which I still enjoy. However, it has been demoted to my backup prewash spot. Green Clean has taken the number 1 spot. It is so light. It does an amazing job of taking off my makeup without irritating my sensitive eyes. It also rinses clean. If you haven’t tried it, you’re missing out!!!

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Manon D.
Hands down one of the best on the market

I gave only 2 stars because although it does wonder to removes makeup ( I'm not joking within a second everything is gone) it does break me out , so if your skin in sensitive or does not tolerate essentials oils skip this baby and go get the one from the body shop half of the price and better. Conversely,if you don't have have problems with essentials oils go for it it will leave your skin without a once of makeup , refreshed, better inside ( although the essentials oils are comodogenic they delivered a sensorial experience quite unique you feel like a good person ahah ^^ ) and finally it will lrave your skin uber soft like a butt baby's.

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Carolyn A.
Great stuff for winter dehydrated skin
Photo of product included with review by Carolyn A.

This is a fabulous waxy-oil-feeling semi-solid cleanser that really does melt makeup off on contact. It’s SO quick.

I love using it when my skin is dehydrated, my foundation that day is one of those oil-absorbing matte ones that seems to have permanently adhered to my skin, or I have eye sensitivities to a new shadow. I usually use Neutrogena face wipes to do my first (and sometimes only) makeup removal but this Farmacy cleanser is more thorough and much gentler for my skin. Depending on my skin’s condition and time available, I often use a Neutrogena wipe to wipe off the Farmacy cleanser, rinse out the wipe thoroughly with warm water (yes, it survives) then use it as a face cloth to remove the remaining residue a few times.

This product does leave some sort of non-irritating residue - perhaps oils my skin needed(?) - because my skin is softer after this method than just with wipes. I can’t physically feel the residue with my fingers. I notice it seems to condition my lashes.

I also like using this cleanser in the morning if my skin is dehydrated or sensitive. I put it on before I step into the shower and follow it with my usual Shiseido foaming cleanser.

I originally received a sample pot from Beautylish but originally wasn’t keen on the small amount of residue it left (must have been summer!) so parked half the tiny jar in my stash. Roll around winter with dehydration... I couldn’t get it out again fast enough! It’s awesome whenever I make time for a double-cleanse... which I’m doing much more often now.

Tara S.

This stuff is so lightweight and not greasy at all. Melts away makeup like it's nothing. I accidentally got it in my eye and it's so gentle, it didn't burn. I won't use another makeup remover. THIS is all I need.

Courtney C.

Hands down, the best makeup remover to ever grace this planet. I’ve been scraping the sides of the jar the last couple of days, as I’m trying to delay using the travel size jar until I absolutely have to. I have double-cleansed at times (I’d follow the balm with Sunday Riley’s CERAMIC SLIP), and my face didn’t dry out or cause any problems indicating it had been under or over cleansed. The packaging is amazing, and the formula is cruelty-free. That speaks highly of the company, IMHO. You won’t regret this purchase.

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Piper H.
Micellar water who?

Well I’m speechless honestly the best cleansing makeup remover ever I will be buying more as I don’t think I want to ever be I a world with out this remover worked miracles when removing my liquid lip

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Piper H.

Okay real quick I revived this product as a free sample in my last makeup order and didn’t really know what it was but then read a small description on it and I don’t know how many of you guys wear Jeffree star liquid lips but they are hard to take off even with his own branded lip scrub and this beautiful great smelling light green miracle took my lippy off with three wipes im in awe and I’m amazed about how well this worked also a little goes a long way so great for the pocket as it’s very cheap and last a while I’m going to buy more soon as a back up

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Lucy G.
Leaves skin clean and soft

I recieved a free sample from a previous order and it has performed wonderfully. It does everything it says it should. Melts away makeup and leaves skin feeling soft, not dry and flakey like some removers. I will be buying this next time!