Nail Polish


Meredith R.
Favorite all time brush!

I really want to buy a back up this brush is so soft so big I love to fluff light color all over my lids with it the brush blends so beautifully I’m in love!

Rachel P.

This was my first nail polish from Essie and oh my goodness, it's amazing! I've always used OPI before but I think Essie's taken over as a new favourite. The formula is perfect. It's not streaky at all, and Sugar Daddy is a gorgeous sheer pink that becomes a beautiful milky colour after 2-3 coats. I'm so in love with it. Though I wish I picked up Fiji as well, I don't regret buying this colour :)

Katie C.

I'm obsessed with Essie polish. It's quickly become my favorite brand after I picked up my first bottle, Coat Azure, last year. The only thing I do not like about Essie is that they discontinued my all time favorite pink polish, Muchi Muchi. Sugar Daddy is a gorgeous pink too. Not only do I adore their regular polish, I also love Matte About You and their nail strengtheners. Yes, some colors need more coats then others, but you can't go wrong with Essie.

Vi-An T.

This is just one of the prettiest pinks I've worn. I love how it's so pale but it brightens up your fingers and makes your hands look so soft, neat, and girly :)

Jaye L.

Best.Sheer Nude.Nailpolish.EVER!!!! I love this! This is perfect for the "natural" buffed nails look. NON-streaky (Ballet Slippers, I'm looking at you!!). Totally blows OPI's Bubble Bath, CG's Innocence out of the water. Will buy again!

Jessie W.

I love the nude colour, so cute! I recommed you use this in a manicure maybe. NEUTURAL COLOURS FTW. Essie is one of my favourite brands. Not too sheer, not too colorful if that makes sense but when I put it on, you could hardly tell I had colored my nails. It was what i wanted.

Vanessa M.

I love Essie! The have the best colors in my opinion...they have a good selection of pastels and different fun but not over the top colors. The one complaint I have about them is that they can be hard to apply...I've really only found this with the lighter colors (such as "Sugar Daddy")...I find the first coat to be messy looking, and the second coat either doesn't do a good job of correcting it or is really gooey, plus the brush is horrible. However, like I said, this has really only been a problem with the lighter colors. It's definitely one of my favorite nail polish brands!

Esther P.

So let me start out by saying how I love love LOVE Essie nail polish! This is the best nail polish ever and I just about own every shade. However, when I purchased this one I was thinking it was going to be a pink that popped out. Not too sheer, not too colorful if that makes sense but when I put it on, you could hardly tell I had colored my nails. I have to put on like 3-4 coats to tell its a pink and not just clear. I will still continue to buy Essie, guess this just wasn't made for my nails and thats okay. SO my advice is to try it on before you buy and become upset. =)