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Nail Polish


Julie R.

i wasnt sure that figi was gonna stand up compared to my OPI "mod about you" but i just painted my nails with "figi" for the first time and so far so good! im going to put some black, silver, and hot pink designs on once this is dry! i think i may need to increase my collection of only 3 essie polishes! =D

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Steph M.

i LOVE fiji! i think it is such a gorgeous color on every skin tone... but the only thing i really dont like is that this color in particular chips very easily. i use essie colors often, but fiji seems to be the only color chipping easily. another thing i dont like about it, is that the color varies. some polishes are more of a white/pink, while others are a nice rich light pink. overall its a pretty color, and it looks best on toes!!

lilacism is my favorite!!

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Katelyn L.

This color is perfect! It's a light pink and its not to light not to dark. The only problem I had with it was that it didn't dry fast enough. I don't know, it might just be me.

Bylgja S.
Love love love Essie

Fiji is my favorite i love that colour,very creamy pale pink! They have so many shades to choose from , wich is nice.

I have alot of nailpolishes but without no doubt Essie is my favorite brand:)

Laura N.
My usual go-to brand of polish..

Love Essie....enough said.

I have other brands, but I always end up fishing around my polish collection for my Essie colors.

Favorite shade...Figi. A gorgeous pale pink, but not sheer. Just the perfect creamy pink shade.

Michelle L.
Favorite Color, love the brand

I Love Essie Nail Polish!!! They have such cute names and it's just an amazing brand! And side note I used their bottles in my mock trade show project. =) Anywhoo I own a couple of their polishes but Fiji is by far my favorite! It's an opaque pale pink and it looks great on its own, but sometimes I add a glitter polish over it...looks great both ways! It's a must have!

Nikki Angelina C.
My absolute favorite ever!

I just love this stuff. It goes on the perfect consistency and is the only polish that really lasts for me. I get great life out of my manicures with Essie, whether at home or in salon. LOVE!

Samantha G.
i have chipping/peeling issues

not sure if its just my bottle (old or bad batch) but i own fiji and it peels/chips off within about a day. i've tried a few top coats and nothing seems to work. this is the only essie color ive tried so im a little leery about picking up another one. as far as application goes though, the brush size is smaller but it doesn't take forever to apply it. i never get streaking or weird build up either. the polish is glossy so if you aren't big on top coats but you like shine, this would be a great choice

Liz M.
Can't go wrong with Essie

I was introduced to Essie polishes when I worked at a nail salon many moons ago. If you're a fan of baby pinks Essie is the brand to go to. I don't even know all the names but I know they carry a whole lot of them. FIJI being my favorite. I haven't had the chance to try any of their LE line but I do love the regular colors that I've already purchased.

Desiree C.

I think this color is beautiful, but the formula is horrid! It is very runny, takes AGES to dry and chips like no other. I've not tried any other polishes from Essie, but this product totally turs me off from the brand. Am I the only one who has this problem?