Colour & Go Nail Polish


Flora D.
One of the best nail polishes I've tried!

Favourite nail polish when Im just on the go! It applies so smoothly, it's the perfect consistency for me, the brush is just does it for my nails and its dries fairly quick. I'm so happy there are good quality products out there that are inexpensive, this is definitely a good buy and worth purchasing again! :)

Lisa M.
Look forward to buying more.
Photo of product included with review by Lisa M.

I got my first Essence Colour & Go Nail Polish a couple of weeks ago for my 6 year old daughter because it was tiny and it was cheap. Only 89 cents! I used it today just because I needed a pink nail polish for my Pink Wednesday blog post and I used hers in Ultimate Pink. Loved it! It dried so fast and the color was so vivid. It was great. Two coats was all it took to get even, opaque coverage. There were so many colors to choose from so I definitely will be purchasing some more.