Ellis Faas

Hot Lips

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Bec S.
Hot hot hot!
Photo of product included with review by Bec S.

Wow! Hot Lips are amazing! This is my first of their lipsticks and I'm totally in love. I put it on and the color was beautiful—strong and solid, but still subtle. Rose Violet has a dusty-rose quality that's really beautiful. It reads as both bright and soft which is a hard combination to find. Often, bright colors tend to read really vampy, but this one is more pretty.

The formula is a dream, very creamy and long-lasting. It's a liquid lipstick, so it has a creamier feeling than a regular lipstick going on, but then it settles into a powdery texture after a few min. which keeps it in place.

I like the smell too. it's not quite a berry but that's the best way I can describe it. Excited to try the other colors now!

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