Studio Lip Stain


Kristi R.

I picked up this product in Heartbreaker. A few things that I noticed right off the bat that I liked were that the stain side doesn't have that chemical scent that some stains tend to have, the stain doesn't burn like some other stains do when applied, and that the gloss is a nice, thick consistency. All around a good product, but I had to knock off a star because it seems like no matter how long I allow the stain to dry, a little bit of it still comes off when I apply the gloss. Not a big deal, the product still has some major staying power. Longer than lipstick or gloss.

Michelle D.

My favorite lip stain! I am a sucker for cream lip stains, and this one is amazing. I have this in Heartbreaker (which is slightly lighter then my natural lip color) and this coral color is amazing. I apply some lip balm, apply the lipstain, and it stays on all day. I love using this when I go to work. I am considering to buy some more of these lip stains.