Minerals Eyeshadow Primer


Lauren E.

In Australia primers are almost an unheard of substance, and only now they're starting to appear on our shelves. E.L.F. is a brand that needs to be imported - bought online and I will happily pay the shipping for this one. Oily skin - no problem. This easily gets me through an entire day at work without any creasing or fade. I recommend this little cheapy gem to everyone!

Alyce O.
My favorite!

I've gone through so many of these primers cause it's just that good and info through them fast. They are very affordable and I love that! So glad that I found a really good eye lid primer that works amazing!

Kaylee C.
Great and Affordable!!

I have dry skin, so this product worked great for me, I bought 3 in the beginning and ended up using all 3 in a year!! :O I wouldn't recommend it to someone with oily skin, it tends to crease. This is the first and only eye shadow primer I ever tried and I bought mine for a dollar, it's time to buy more!!

Maria Y.

I love this primer, it is so smooth to apply and blends with your skin so easy. And makes my work of creating outstading eye make up easy... Beside that i really love thagt you eye make can stay on my lieds an entire day, until i wash it off....amazing!

Shannon T.

I have oily lids and where I live doesn't help - tropical = hot & humid. This primer was the first I've tried and I totally enjoyed using it. It is sheer like mentioned, covers up a little imperfection like fine viens and helps my eyeshadow and liners stay put. So far, there's not been a single smudge nor crease after I've got this primer on. Definitely worth every penny :)

Vannie L.
Not the best

as sOmeone with very oily lids, I stick to urban decay. I tried this out before buying UD, but I found it thinned out ad it was applied to my lid. My eyeshadow creased. I'm not impressed.

Tianna D.
I used it once and threw it out!

The E.L.F. Eyelid Primer which cost a single dollar is better than this! I tired both of them out at the same time and this primer creased on me like nothing I have seen before! It might be because I have oily lids, but non the less this did not work for me. As soon as I saw that it creased I threw it out. Never again.