All Over Color Stick


Anneka F.
The best colour

This is such an amazing blusher - its so easy to use, only costs $1 and is the most perfect colour. I just use my fingers to blend it in - definitely have found that's the easiest way. I can't explain how much I love this. I'm going to buy it for all my friends and my kit too! Absolutely recommend this colour in particular - is perfect for all skintones. I also have pink lemonade and lilac petal. Pink lemonade is very bright - definitely need to be careful when applying and blend with fingers.

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Sarah K.

the all over color sticks are prob the worst products elf has made.. i bought 2 of them.. one in lilac petal and the other in persimmon.. they dont go on smoothly so it feels like my skin is being pulled and they dont blend very well either.. im going to play around with them to see what i can possibly use them for. any ideas??

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Saylor G.

Love this color for highlighting! Super creamy and blend able! Very shimmery and nice. Also put face powder on your eyelids then this on eyelids, blend, powder, blend and it creates the prettiest sheer shimmer!

Haley C.
Great as highlighters

These are amazing as highlighters - the darker shades work well for darker skintones, but they're definitely great to sweep onto the cheeks for a great all over glow.

Autumn Hope F.
Great, but wears off quickly.

I also have Pink Lemonade. The colors are gorgeous, it smells great, and I love that you can use it in so many ways. It wears off within a few hours put is easy to carry around and reapply

Carelen C.
Highlighter and quick-lazy alternative to eye shadow

First, I just want to say that I think this is a good purchase for a dollar. I don't use this as a blush or anything like that as some of the girls who've reviewed do. This color (PERSIMMON) is too pink and sparkly for my tan skin to use as a blush sub. I do use it as a highlighter though! I love it as a highlighter, I don't have any problems blending it out.

I also use this as a one sweep eye shadow when I'm running late or feeling particularly lazy. This color doesn't add a pigmentation on my tan eyelids so much as just brighten everything up and make me look more awake. Love it when I'm going for a natural look. It does crease, even when using a primer, I don't know how many hours into the wear as I'm usually checking 12 hours after application after sweating in dance classes. What makeup could possibly stay through all of that??

All in all, I like it as a subtle highlight and, since it helps me be lazy and that's always a plus, I would definitely repurchase (although I don't think I even use it often enough to need to). I mean, it's only a dollar! :)

Michelle v.
If only it was blendable...

Let me start off by saying I absolutely love the color and pigmentation this color stick has. With that being said, it's downfall is the blendability (Yes, I just made up that word). The blendability of it is not too important in this scenario because the color is really subtle on my skin and is just noticeable enough has a summer glow so not much blending is needed. I wouldn't buy this in another color though, because any darker and I would need to do some serious blending. Overall, I gave it a 3 1/2 because of the gorgeous color it gives my skin. Just be careful when buying and think of whether or not you really need to blend it in!

Elizabeth C.
I also have the pink lemonade

The colors are what attracted me when I saw them in the store (not to mention the price) and when I got them home, ripped into the packaging and tried them on my hand I loved the smell and the color pay off. But, that was on my hand. Putting them over foundation...not so much. They ARE good, don't get me wrong, but I like the facial whip better. As it is an all over color stick, I think it works best when you are wearing minimal make up, no foundation and want a quick go to product. You can use it on your cheeks, lips and eyes, leaves a nice shimmer. I wouldn't use it solely as a highlight though, It does have somewhat of a dry texture ( in my opinion) and does not blend that well over any products. Basically its a stand alone, wear alone product.

Samantha A.

Um yea, about this it is horrible. Like you can not blend this at all on to the skin and you kinda look like a disco ball in the daytime.

Alejandra G.
Not wearable.

As a blush it's too shimmery and it's hard to blend. It makes my face go all greasy if I use it as a highlight and on the lips it just looks weird. I would not repurchase this or recommend anyone to get it.