DiorShow Mascara

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Nancy-Lee C.
Like the product not the price.

I like this. The price, I do not. I am currently using the black, I also own Blue but have yet to try it on . Because I clean my brush before every use, I always start with fresh product and my lashes are separated and lengthened and well coated, the mascara is not globed on. I use one coat wait 2 minutes and apply a second coat to the outside 1/3 only.

So this is my secret to fighting dry out: every day I pull the want out and wipe it off with a piece of TP, clean. Then I dip the wand back into the product and apply.

Let's face it - you (SHOULD) only keep mascara for 3 months, this is a big tube with a lot of product, so if you're emptying this tube with my method and your application prior to 90 days, you're using too much. lol.

At $24 I probably will not rebuy this. I can't justify the results to the cost.

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Janice E.
bring on the volume!!!

I love this mascara the only thing is that its pricey and I swear continues to go a $ 1.00 up each year lol otherwise its my go to mascara and since I wear false lashes it blends so well with it too and it works just great without the falsies too.The added plus is that I use the waterproof it dont run at all,it dont have a weird chemical smell like most mascaras do and its so easy to remove and you are gonna love how big the wand is too.

Leah C.

One of the best mascaras I've used. period. Clients love it and I always recommend for brides. Not clumpy and makes lashes look like falsies :-) I even use the old wand for taming eyebrows!

Amanda H.
my favorite mascara

i've been using it religiously for years and i get asked on an almost daily basis if i'm wearing fake lashes. if i was stranded on a desert island and could only bring one product, this would be it.

Wafi A.
Worth it

This was the first high-end mascara I ever owned, so it does have a special place in my heart. It was also when I realized that some mascaras are better than others.

I absolutely love the brush because it's super big and gets every single lash. It coats my lashes so well, and I feel like a pin-up doll. I feel like this is one of the only mascaras that thickens, volumizes, and curls. I only wish it wasn't so pricey so more people could buy it. I never want to spend so much money on something that I'll need to throw out soon, but I've never had this problem because I always use out this mascara.

Robin D.

Love, love, love the Dior Show. It makes thin lashes to die for! It thickens skinny, barely there lashes and makes them the STAR of the show..The formula is great and super black. Made my lashes appear longer and fuller. I did encounter clumps but not frequently enough to be a problem. This product is for people who need vitamins etc., in their products.

Ariel H.
All time favorite mascara

Alright, so honestly to me mascara is mascara hahaha & I think its crazy to spend 20 bucks for mascara when you can get a drug store brand for cheaper & same quality. But sephora was having that 200 points promotions if you buy a mascara. SOOO being the sucker I am I bought the Dior mascara. Due to the fact that Ive heard SO many reviews on this particular mascara. I was honestly blown away, I LOVE this mascara, I don't even need to use my eyelash curler & it adds a little curl to my lashes. The mascara does not go on clumpy either, I would say almost a natural look, like my lashes are naturally that long. But anywho I love this mascara, its def. my top favorites.

Emily J.
Love it.

I love this mascara! I used to "mascara-hop" whenever I was out, but I've been going back to this one for at least 2 years. I love that I only have to put one coat on for the day, and my lashes look great! Even if i put on an extra coat at night-- no clumping! I'm sad that now that I'm back in school, I may have to find a cheaper alternative. :(

Jacquelyn Marie H.
Absolutely my favorite mascara if you are willing to pay $$$$ =)

I love everything about this mascara. It builds out lashes to make them seemingly long along with making them appear fuller... without making you look like tarantula lashes. it even smells wonderful.

Lara H.
I'll always be a fan

This was one of the first mascaras that I wore in my teenage years that I was like 'Oh my god, I have lashes!' I have thin, fine lashes and these make them pop! It separates and coats each lash very naturally. Plus, I've never had the spider lash effect with this product nor has the flaking been a problem for me. It also lasted me ages despite wearing it daily- no drying out in the tube like YSL mascaras are famous for. Love love love.