Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation


Kyleigh S.
The best foundation

It has great coverage and very affordable. I love it! I just apply it with my fingers and use about 3/4 of a pump so I'm not sure if it's build able and for me it doesn't look cakey. I think ill use this forever!

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Halle C.

Love this foundation I have oily skin and this keeps me somewhat Matte but a little shine that's how I like it. This is a build-able foundation up to 3 layers. Two if you don't want parts of skin to get cakey. Hope this helped!

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Lauren D.
Great drugstore foundation

This is my top drugstore foundation, the colour match for me was spot on and the foundation stays all day even in extreme heat, no issues with this foundation at all!

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Megan D.
Good Formula
Photo of product included with review by Megan D.

I have owned a total of three bottles of this foundation and have been pleased. I apply this foundation with a sponge or my fingers and it blends easily into a natural finish. The pump is very useful but the lid can get dirty fast. This foundation lasts nine hours on normal-combo skin and has a wide shade range. Over all, it is a good foundation and a feat to be proud of for covergirl.

ps-sorry about the low quality photo.

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Chelsea V.
Best drugstore foundation!

I've seen so many reviews saying how good this foundation was so I had to buy it. I was not disappointed, it covered so much and made my fave look flawless. Even after wearing it for hours it did not budge! So underrated!

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Sandra C.
It oxidizes

I love the finish and how easy it is to apply. Down side it oxidized on me and my shade is a pink undertone. HUGE bummer because I love it but can't wear it:(

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Katrina L.

Just a little lesson for you beginners, CLASSIC IVORY IS NOT THE SAME AS IVORY. IF THERE IS NO IVORY LEFT AT ONE DRUGSTORE DO NOT GET CLASSIC IVORY. I use it as a contour shade, and it's great.

Alexa A.

I found this foundation to work very well and it had a decent amount of coverage. I definetly liked that it had a pump and it lasted me a while. I just ran out of it and I am thinking about repurchasing it. Although it is good it is also nothing outstanding.

Melissa W.
Tried it it on for a couple minutes

Just briefly tried this so the review isn't even 100% but I just felt the need to address that for dryer skin types this may not be so good. Lately I have had such dry skin and I tried on this product at the drugstore in a shade that seemed to match rather decently. And it sunk right into all my fine lines and my very apparent acne scaring. For the brieft moment I tried it in, it seemed to have a powdery finish, rather matte not suitable for my skin type at the moment. So that was the only reason why i didn't purchase it which sucked cuz I had heard such good things :/

Bekah S.
Great.....the first time you use it.

The first time you use this product, you will love it! The formula feels nice and seemingly looks nice. Let's start with the complaints, first off, it's actually VERY orange. It doesn't matter how perfect it looks at first, it turns orange throughout the day. Second, it clumps. I know what you're thinking. "A foundation clumps?" This one does! Especially in summer. It will clump up and get darker and some places and leave other places bare. This is NOT a operator error. It will leave your face orange and patchy! Save your ten bucks and buy a minimascara at sephora or get your brows done instead.