LashBlast Mascara

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Anastasia W.

I really loved this at first, but i noticed It likes to drain down to my lower lid and smudge. It made my eyelashes stand out at first, but throughout the day it slowly goes away. haha, I don't know if it is just me that notices that it does that, but for me it was alright.

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Jennifer U.
No longer a fan!! :(

This use to be my go to product for my lashes. However the line has recently changed their formula and it no longer applies the Same. Now I'm on the look out for a new mascara.

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Renay T.
Will always be a favorite!

I've been using this mascara for such a long time, and still find myself repurchasing. It's amazing! I love the way it makes my eyelashes look. I'll probably alway repurchase this bad boy!

Rebecca M.
Love best mascara

I absolutely love cover girl mascaras, they do so much on me especially since I have big lashes. I love the smell of them also; to me this beats any other drugstore or high end mascara hands down.

Felicia S.
Favorite Mascara Ever

I have small, thick eyelashes that lack curl. This mascara, with the help of my Revlon eyelash curler, absolutely transforms my eyelashes! It's buildable, doesn't clump because of its great rubber applicator wand (however it might get a little heavy after a 2nd coat), and lasts all day! It doesn't flake and isn't too drying. This is a wonderful wonderful mascara, probably suitable for all lash types.

Michelle E.
The best <3

I have been using it since it came out and haven't changed once! From buying it so often I notice a slight difference in the quality, possibly the atmosphere since I live in the desert. Regardless it is the best and it's affordable <3

Alyssa S.
Never fails me :]

The best, best, best. This mascara is one of my Holy Grails. I own this and a few other mascaras, but its perfect for my everyday routine. It's brush is my favorite. Other mascaras such as L'Oreals Voluminous Lashes make my lashes look clumpy, not this one. It makes them longer, fuller and holds the curl all day ! :D

Victoria D.
Haven't found one better!

No matter what I try, this mascara always has me coming back. I've been using it for years and its my absolute favorite! It adds both volume and length in the perfect ratio for my eyelashes. However, I'd advise against using the waterproof formula, its very different, and I hardly like it at all. Getting the waterproof formula off is nearly impossible, and I even lost a few eyelashes x.x I'd rather deal with my mascara running when I go swimming or something.

Beat And Unbothered V.

This will forever be my go-to mascara!!!! I love everything about this stuff, including the packaging! It gives me the blackest, sexiest, cat-like lashes any Doll could ask for and all I need is 1-2 coats!!! <3

Alison G.
Best Drug Store Mascara !

It lengthens your lashes and gives a fuller effect that you can easily notice! I absolutely love this mascara because it's cheap and it's always my to-go mascara. It does it's job very well because in 2 coats I'm done! It's something every girl should have!