LashBlast Mascara


Janet L.

Best mascara I've used! It has a plastic applicator so it does not clump at all! I've had mine for 4 months and it still hasn't clumped. Great pigment, doesn't wipe off right away. Comes off really easy with makeup remover and it's inexpensive!

Myriam S.

I like looking good when i go swim! This mascara is waterproof and it DOES NOT run, so i really like that! always keeps my lashes up!! :) This mascara can be used with the most simple make-up or u can glam it up but it works either way! It is a bit thick so i dont recomend this if you like to be able to apply thin coats. :/

McKenna R.

Love covergirl lash blast. My lashes NEVER stick together with it. The wand gets the perfect amount i need on my lashes and never too little... I probably wouldn't get the waterproof because it literally never comes off