LashBlast Mascara

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Christi C.
Awesome mascara!!

This has never clumped upon application. I love the intensity of it and how little time it takes to perfect! I definitely recommend it to anyone who love to fill in and lengthen their lashes!!

Shannon G.

so I have small eyelashes so this does nothing but make them look stumpy short and horrible worst mascara I have ever used how ever what I would recommend is covergirl clump crusher its amazing for length and separates lashes but the waterproof verson isnt so waterproof.

Ashley D.

This mascara used to be my favorite. I stopped using it because I really wanted to switch to waterproof only and I didn't like their waterproof formula. This is still a great non-waterproof mascara. It's volumizing and you can easily comb out clumps and keep coating. I like my lashes to look full and thick and this does the trick after a few applications. I highly recommend this one for a budget mascara.

Yasmine E.

Doesn't flake, keeps my eyelashes curled all day. It does everything you'd want a mascara to do. I don't like rubber brushes or extremely wet formulas but theres nothing I hate about this product! definitely one of my favorite mascaras.

Torrie H.
best mascara I have found

I have stubborn right side curls upward nicely, but the left side is, shall I say...very very stubbon...curling them takes a lot...but once I get it to work, I apply this mascara and my lashes look so full and beautiful...will never use another mascara again!!!!!

Jenny L.
i likeeeee

this is by far the best waterproof mascara ive tried so far. It makes my lashes full and lengthy and natural. To me, the strength of the mascara is also the weakness which is the waterproof part. Yes, its waterproof so it keeps the curl of my lashes and does not smudge because of my watery eyes and oily lids, but because its so waterproof you'll need a good eye makeup remover to get it all off.

Letikia T.
love it !

I use this everyday. My lashes look like I have on false lashes. This is quality and affordable. You can't beat that. So if your new to makeup try this, you will love it too.

irmita G.
Like it.

I really like this mascara the color is really black and it spreads the lash I have being using the mascara for same time and i like it so far i wish it did miraculous, cuz i need it on my lashes they are so small but, this is a really nice mascara... will i re-buy YES!!

Desiree T.
Great mascara for the price!

This is mascara is one of my favorites. I love the wand and ease of application. The mascara offers great coverage, holds a lash curl all day, and for under $10 you can't get a better product. Doesnt smear and really gives my eyes that pop! I love how well it separates the lashes because the wand is great. I would highly recommend it.

Theresa G.

Before I fell in love with falsies this mascara was my number one! I alternate between this and falsies. This give me a more suddle look : ) perfect for everyday use : )