Eye Enhancers 4 Kit Shadows


Alycia K.
ill put this real simple

the colors are beautiful but they have very little payout.. the only color I will actually ever use is the darkest one because I like it and it has lots better payout then the other colors

Pamela D.

As far as color payoff, this palette is gorgeous. The purples are very rich and pigmented. I just wish that there were matte shades. Even though the shimmers in these palettes are very fine, I still would prefer one more matte. Another issue is that the shadow texture itself isn't very soft or creamy. Yes, the pigmentation is there, but it's not as creamy or buttery as cheaper eyehadows I own (such as NYX or Wet and Wild).

Sarah B.
How do my eyes look ? Berry & Cream-licious ! :D

I loved using Berries and Cream ! For drug-store makeup , this was FANTASTIC ! My friend actually had it at her place , I tried it , and I loved it so much she gave me her extra one to use and review ! Affordable & Fashionable ! :)