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Tamara W.
Highly Overrated.

This product has been raved about by beauty bloggers! I absolutely hate it. I’ve got combination skin, and wearing these drops, both mixed with my foundation, and as a liquid highlighter, did nothing but encourage oil to form and leak from my pores! I went from glowy to oily and I’ve never been more disgusted with a product.

Thank you to Beautylish though, for sending it promptly, wrapped perfectly, and their attention to care and detail.

Noa Lynn d.
Great for mixing in with your foundation

On it's on it's too glittery and watery for my taste, but just one drop into ANY foundation I have and it gives the most beautiful shinny glow to the face. I do not recommend it on top of your makeup because it will move you foundation, but even as a base it's gorgeous! If you love the dewy look you will love this too.

Saima B.

I've heard sooo many great things about this product in general and I've joined the rave. It is truely blinding and natrual as the applicator allows a little or lot of the product depending on your personal preference. But I can't wait to get my hands on the other colours.

Madeleine V.
AMAZING blended into my foundation

I love to mix a couple of drops of this in with my foundation on a palette before application. I wear a matt foundation, but by adding a drop or two of this to the foundation, it stays matt, but has a beautiful luminosity. Luminous foundations get too shiny on me, but this is such a great way to achieve the luminosity, yet stay matt. Love it! :o)

Victoria L.
I love it ..BUT

This product literally gives me life when I watch it on my hand .. but it jus doesn't blend I find it so difficult to use however I use it removed foundation underneath or just applies patchy :( ..I neeeeeed an answer

Shana M.

I am INLOVE ! So pigmented and a little does go a long way! Will have to get halo aswell 😍😍😍

Lenore H.

I can't believe how glowing and dewy this makes my skin! I use one drop in my foundation and my skin looks radiant. It's not sticky and feels like I'm wearing nothing A little really goes a very long way. Worth every penny!

Jet T.

I bought shade Celestial in mid January, and I've used this product maybe 3-4 times.. It swatches gorgeously but when I try to put some on my cheekbones (have tried a minimal to larger amount, still terrible imo) it looks sooooo glittery!! I mixed it w my moisturiser also, & when photos were taken of me or even in the sunlight, I looked like a glitter bomb! I'm really disappointed bc these are 55 aud LOL! I've shaked it, propped it upright but it nothing makes a difference!

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Ching-Fang T.
Blinding highlight!

I have fair to pale skin and this is a wonderful and blinding highlighter! But the price is just a bit too high...

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Brittany W.
Best highlighter for pale skin, IMO

I have tried all kinds of highlighters. I favor a more bold but not crazy highlight, and this fits the bill. I'm as pale as it gets, I think, and most lightest shades of foundation are too dark for me. I use a white mixer. Because of this, no highlighter to date (except Anastasia's Moon Child palette) has shown up. This is my go-to, and it is also perfect for mixing a drop into a matte foundation for a little natural glow.

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