Custom Enhancer Drops


Anne S.
Very pretty and not as dark as it looks

I really love this product. I have use it to mix in with my foundation and it adds a beautiful warm glow to my face. Also, as the sun is out more, I use it to lightly add color to my lighter foundation and it works. I have also used it just as a highlighter and it adds a lovely glow. Its pretty pigmented so you do not need to use a lot.

McKayla S.
Use With Caution

Three drops is about all you need for a beautiful Highlight. The pigmentation is absolutely crazy. The drops are best blendable with just my finger I have found and leaves just enough highlight without making a big glittery patch on my cheek. Use at your own risk and I am not sure if I would use this all over with foundation.

Kem W.
Shine Bright Like a Diamond!

I'm new to serious makeup, so I was nervous about buying this, but I loved the way this shade made my skin tone glow. It was so beautiful, I had to literally force myself to put it down. Due to my oily skin, I use it as a highlighter and even in my unskilled hands it looks fantastic!

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Yara A.
great highlighting base

I got candlelight and and I am a warm olive skintone (arab). I use such a small drop and mix it with the foundation that I'll apply to my cheeks or I apply it directly over/under my foundation for an enhanced highlight. it's a gorgeous color, and I can't wait to use it more!

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