'Everlasting' Foundation SPF 15


Tami Y.
lightweight, fresh-feeling foundation

I was quite surprised to see how very watery and dewy this latest foundation from Clarins feels. It has a refreshing sensation of water kissing your skin upon application, which I thought was just lovely. The ivory shade blends right into my skin - it practically "melted" into the dermal layer. The texture is comfortable and light, and this new formula is supposed to last up to 15 hours, but I didn't leave it on my face for that long - maybe about six or seven hours at the most.

The frosted glass bottle is also on the heavy side, making it feel like a luxurious product. It's also not as expensive as the new Guerlain foundation. The SPF 15 is also a nice bonus so I don't have to spray on my liquid sunscreen beforehand. Love!