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Cassie  S.

I love how voluminous my eyelashes are when this is used! I love the 2-in-1 brush by twisting the top! it saves from using multiple mascara's and im totally in love. Id definitely purchase again!!!

Tasia G.
Clever packaging!

Companies are forever messing with mascara wands trying to make them more convenient & easier to use. I feel like CK One has successfully done that here. Normally I use two separate mascaras for my top & bottom lashes. One with a volume-enhancing applicator shape for the top lashes & one with a small, skinny applicator for the bottom lashes. This product allows me to use only a single tube for both. By twisting the top of the lid, you "scrunch up" the applicator allowing for a totally different application by making the bristles closer together, and twisting back, they become farther apart. Overall, I think this is a great idea!