China Glaze

Nail Laquer


Molly O.
Great products that lasts and doesn't chip

I was looking for a color of nail polish that looked professional and would last longer without excessive chipping. Usually, I have to paint my nails several times a week, but this nail polish allows me to paint my nails every couple of weeks. After I have filed down my nails and pushed back my cuticles, I apply a thin coat of China Glaze "Innocence". I proceed to place a second coat of polish a few minutes later and let dry for five minutes. I have tried various OPI nails polishes, but China Glaze lasts longer and doesn't chip. I would suggest this nail polish to those that have limited amount of time to do their nails, but want to look professional and put together. Since I use China Glaze every couple of weeks, it provides a great value and the bottle lasts for several months. China Glaze nail polishes are a great buy and have become a staple of my beauty routine.

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