Charlotte Tilbury

Latex Love


Alexis S.
A lipstick and lipgloss hybrid

I can't get enough of this formula!! It is what I call a lipstick/lipgloss hybrid and it is SO shiny. It's worth giving a try because they're truly not a formula like this that's currently on the market.

If you're looking for long-wear, you're not going to find it with this product. You're also not going to get rid of lip gloss hair as I like to call it. But you are going to have some bangin' lips that just don't stop. I do hope Charlotte comes out with more shades of this product because Dirty Dancer is the only shade that I like out of the collection.

The formula is very lightweight and doesn't feel like a whole bunch of what not sitting on my lips. Nope. It feels light when I apply and even when I touch-up. Most importantly to me, as this wears off throughout the day, it leaves this gorgeous stain on the lips and it's almost like it goes from lipgloss/lipstick hybrid to full blown lipstick. It's awesome. The shade Dirty Dancer gives me that "my lips but better" look and I love it.

Pretty great, just hope more shades come out eventually.

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