All Eye Need Eye Shadow Palette


Melanie C. Team
Good for traveling

I like a small, easy to fit in my makeup bag palette for when I'm traveling and the Charlotte Ronson palette in Dani definitely does the trick. It has a mirror inside (important for when you don't have a large vanity mirror on hand), and a color selection that is easy to wear that you can dress up day or night. It comes with a highlighter color, a softer peach color, a mid-tone brown, and a darker brown that I use as a crease color for definition. The peach shade does have some slight shimmer to it, but nothing that is disco ball.

I lean towards neutral palettes when I travel (and everyday because I'm lazy) and the size of this is perfect. You receive plenty of product, I still have a lot in mine and it's definitely gone on a few trips with me! There are no brushes included in here, which is fine because I prefer to use my own brushes. I've never tried the other colored palettes in the line but this one is pretty much in the realm of what I normally go for. Color payoff is good and long lasting and they're all very buttery and easy to apply. Nothing I hate more than chalky eyeshadow!