Catrice Cosmetics

Gel Eye Liner


Brianna G.

This is an excellent gel eyeliner. It's a touch creamier than the MAC Fluidline which is a plus in my book but I know for other people can be a problem. I personally prefer this one to the MAC version due to that extra bit of creaminess and the price is great. Whenever I go back to Germany, I pick up about three. But it is really soft so you really only need to barely touch the surface to get some product because you can end up with too much product

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Vicky S.
The perfekt Partner...

I love this product. It is one of the best gel eyeliner i ever used! I doesn´t smells a lot, stays where it should be and lasts the whole day! I prefer to buy a new one every two month because it becomes a little clumpy. But I think I will never use another one ;D

Sammy C.
love it!!

I always used liquid eyeliner i found the pencil liners faded a awful lot so i seen this one and thought id give it a try and i loved it! It goes on really dark doesn't fade and doesnt smudge either plus its only 3 euro cant go wrong!

Sanja N.

I am a huge fan of this liner .It is easy to use and if has great effect. Makes my eyes looks better .One more amazing think about this liner is that it lasts the whole day and it is not expencieve at all...I really ,really adore this liner ...

Stacey T.
A little goes a long way

Im a huge fan if this liner. It is creamy and easy to use, the pigmentation isn't quite as strong as others, such as the inglot amc gels, but for the price (in Ireland it retails for around €5) it is amazing. One pot lasts a very long tome so it makes the price even more impressive