Stylo Blackstar


Rebekah S.
Holy Grail Eyeliner!

By Terry Ombré Blackstars are my absolute favorite cream/stick eyeshadows, so when the Stylo Blackstars launched, I couldn't wait to try them! The Stylo I purchased doesn't have the blendability my Ombré Blackstars possess. They can be slightly smudged, but only if you work mega my case, this is a good thing because I bought the Stylo to use primarily as a liner. I have Tasty Truffle, and it's beautifully pigmented, applies smooth, doesn't tug, and best of all, it wears better and longer than ANY of my other liners (including my MJ Highliners, which I thought couldn't be beat). It doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes at all, even though it does have some shimmer. We have very humid summers where I live, I also have watery eyes and age has blessed me with terrible hot flashes. I was stunned that the Stylo stayed put on both my lash and didn't migrate, fade, or "stamp" onto my hooded lids. I've worn it every day since it arrived now, and I'm so excited to get all the available shades. I hope these are around for a long, long time, because I've found my holy grail eyeliner!

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