Eye Designer Palette

Follow along with BY TERRY International Makeup Artist, Albane Laloy, as she demonstrates how easy it is to create a smoky eye look in 5 simple steps with the BY TERRY Smoky Nude Eye Designer Palette.

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Natalia B.
Quiet horror! Тихий ужас!

For a long time I did not come across such terrible shadows! The colors are pleasing to the eye, BUT the quality ...... it looks like ordinary chalk with which children draw on asphalt !!!!! Dusty, little pigmented, dry, the formula is clearly both morally and technically obsolete back in the 20th century !!! To get such swatch as in the official photo, you need to lay the product several times on the eyelid and it looks (to put it mildly) not very !! I really love By Terry's makeup, but this is a complete failure !!!! Absolutely and unconditionally not worth the money! It’s better to add and buy Natasha Denona !!!

Давно мне не попадались настолько ужасные тени! Цвета приятные глазу, НО качество...... похоже на обычный мел, которым дети рисуют на асфальте!!!!! Пыльные, малопигментированные, сухие- формула явно и морально и технически устаревшая еще в 20 веке!!! Чтобы получить такие свотчи как на официальном фото, нужно несколько раз наслоить продукт на веко и выглядит это (мягко говоря) не очень!! Я очень люблю косметику Бай Терри, но это полный провал!!!! Абсолютно и безоговорочно не стоит таких денег! Лучше добавить и купить Наташу Денона!!!

Linda K.

I was worried after seeing a couple reviews that the palette wouldn't be pigmented enough, but boy were they wrong! This palette is so gorgeous I just cant stop using it! I have worn multiple looks with it now and every shade is soft and creamy and very pigmented! It is hard to explain, but no matter what look you wear, it looks gorgeous and even for day time, maybe the "lack" of pigmentation they mention is that it is certainly not BAM in your face color like the Electric palette, but they for sure are not subtle either, your eyes just look beautiful. I am planning to collect them all now.

Ivette  L.
Most Beautifull Shadow Palette

This is my first time that I expend a lot of money for a shadow palette but I;m not regret is my first Designer Shadow and this is very excitement for me!!! And when the first time I saw the colors I'm very impressed and all of them are so pretty!!!! They are very soft, velvet and have a good pigmentation. Now I'm in the waiting list for buy the number 3 Magnet colors palette!!!! I'm very happy with my purchased!!!!

Ivette  L.

This Terry Eye designer Pallete 2 Color is beautiful, the eye shadows are very brilliant and have a good pigmentation. I love the colors and how easy is to apply them because they are very soft. The only bad issue is the high price I think that the Designer can low a little big the price. Thank you!!!

Angelica S.
Just OK!
Photo of product included with review by Angelica S.

I bought his palette a few months ago and I expected to be blown away by all the claims and the price. However, this palette is just OK. Pigmentation is decent, but there is very little difference between wet or dry application. Typically, when eyeshadows are applied wet the color payoff is stronger and more vibrant, not with this palette. There is no scent listed on the ingredients list, but this palette has a strong almost sweet smell that I do not like very much.

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Betty C.
could of. would of. should of.

I don't know what went wrong here. Orange eyeshadow? It looked orange to me . Out of the eight colors only 2 or 3 stood out that I liked but again that is not worth it for the price. I still love by Terry and hope for better things in the future, For me this is NOT it.

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Kelly Z.
The colors make my eyes pop

The colors are bright and can be applied wet or dry. Since my palette arrived, I have used it daily and I have been experimenting with all the colors and the intensity. I find when it is applied dry, the color is much less intense. I use a primer, and when I apply this wet the color is as vivid at the end of the day as it was at the beginning. This is really fun to use and although the price is higher, I think it will last a long time and I can't wait now to try the Smoky Nude next.

Michele M.
New Favorite Go-To Palette
Photo of product included with review by Michele M.

I'll admit it. I hesitated at the thought of spending so much money for an eye shadow palette. I hesitated for a while. But the gorgeous colors and the track record of the company's products won me over. I paid out my money and crossed my fingers. I'm so glad that I did.

The Color Design palette is a work of art. The finely milled shades are a joy to look at in the pan. The packaging is lovely and the velvet pouch makes the palette easy to take along in your makeup bag. Did I also mention that the included dual ended brush is the first brush included with a palette that I have ever thought was even worth using?! The brush is well made and does a great job of applying the shadows both as shadows and as eye liners.

The palette itself is comprised of 10 shades, mostly satin with varying degrees of shimmer (nothing too frosty or metallic) with 5 cool tones and 5 warm tones. All of the shadows are extremely pigmented. The cool tones (moving from left to right) are deep navy grey which appears more to the grey; mid-toned lilac which appears somewhere between a purple and lilac; light pinkish lilac which appears true to pan; neutral pink which appears lighter than pan; and light cool pink which appears much lighter than pan. The warm tones (moving from left to right) deep neutral brown which appears true to pan; copper with a gold shimmer which appears true to pan; shimmery yellow which appears much lighter than pan; shimmery peach which appears lighter than pan; and matte mid-toned orange which appears true to pan.

All of the shadows are easy to work with, blendable, and can be applied to achieve more or less pigment (or vibrancy) depending on the look you want. The shadows are designed to be worn "as is" or mixed to create different shades altogether - giving the user an extensive number of color options. I have been using the palette for it's vibrancy, however, I tested the shades as a sheer wash of color as well. In both cases, all shades wore beautifully all day. In fact, the first day I wore shades from this palette (the cools) I applied the shadow at 3 a.m. (don't even ask!) and they lasted without fade until I removed them that evening at 7 pm! Unbelievable wear.

I read other reviews where the user described either less vibrancy or poorer wear. I suspect this may have something to do with the eye primer that was used. I have consistently gotten 10+ hours of wear from every color in this palette without caking, fall-out or creasing. This is currently my favorite palette because of it's color options, ease of use, and long wear. Since a little shadow goes a long way with every shade, this palette should last a long time and was a great investment.

(NOTE: I tried to capture the shades by swatching. However, I apologize for being a lousy photographer with poor lighting. The shades are actually slightly more vibrant than they appear in my picture.)

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Karlynn A.
Do Not Be Afraid of the Color Design Palette

The shadows are super creamy and blendable. They stay all day long. The Color Design palette looks very vibrant but are not the high-impact color you might expect. They still give a natural look. You can wet them and bring out more of the vibrancy, but using them dry you will find them very easy to blend. The more you layer, the more the color comes out. I gave the palette(s) 4.5 stars due to the price. Yes, it's still less expensive than going and buying 10 Mac eyeshadows, but you do expect to get a bit of a deal for palettes.

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Miranda R.
Gorgeous colors

The Beautiful embossing on the shadows is a nice touch. If you don't typically wear bright colors this might be a nice palette for you, they aren't extremely pigmented where you would have to worry about it, but give a pop of color to any sophisticated makeup look without going overboard. I'm not afraid of brights so I was a little disappointed in the color payoff personally.

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