Butter London

Lippy Lipgloss


Krystal C.
Pigmented, Long Lasting, High Shine

I found this lip gloss to be quite thick, like a lip lacquer (which is kinda the point), very pigmented (almost like a lipstick), the applicator grabs a lot of product, but since it is pretty thick I had to redip the applicator a few times to get a full coverage of color on my lips. My favorite thing about the lip gloss is the staying power, it lasts hours and hours. The heavy formulation just clings to my lips and even with drinking and eating I still have the stain from the very pigmented color. The shine is high when first applied, then it settles down to a medium shine after an hour or two. I absolutely love this LIPPY and at $17 it's definitely a splurge item. Just based on the amazing experience with Primrose Hill Picnic, I'm planning on buying Snog soon!