Bobbi Brown

Eye Shadow


Alysia B.
Hunt for mom perfect dark matte brown.

My mother is a very picky women. Don't tell her I said that (hehe). But any woo she had this really old wet n' wild brown pellet with mattes and shimmers which was very pretty. But they stop making this pallet a while back so my mom had two or three and when she hit pan on her last one, the hunt was on. Not foe her of course for me because she knew I was in the cosmetics department daily. The first one I bought her was a MAC brown and navy blue. She loved the blue but wasn't wild about the brown. So I started my hunt again. One night while killing time at work I started swatching Bobbi shadows. I saw espresso and knew my mother would be happy. I picked it up that night, and the next day took it to my moms house. She loved it and uses it daily because "earth tones" look the best on her. According to her lol.