bkr Paris Water Balm


Leah C.
Buy this for soft lips!

Tbh it’s very small. But it’s 100% worth it. Very hydrating, feels good on your lips. I got this as a sample and I will pay the $22 to buy it. You only need a small amount.

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Amanda P.
My least favorite potted lip balm

It only took one try for me to know that the Paris Water Balm was not for me. I did give it a couple of other chances but the result has always been the same. This balm is goopy - the texture is like a very oily vaseline. It has a greasy feel that not only leaves the lips a bit sticky but you will also feel it on your fingertip well after you're done applying the balm to your lips. The thing that bothered me the most is the scent - which with lip balms also almost always equates to a "taste" from the product. There is something in the ingredients of this product that gives it a distinctly unpleasant scent/taste. If I had to guess, I would say it's the added fragrance or how that fragrance combines with the castor oil. It's not necessarily an awful smell and some people might even find it to be kind of neutral, but for me, it is a total dealbreaker. I prefer my lip products to have a more neutral or sweet scent so I found the smell of this product to be completely off-putting. I also did not find that this had any lasting effect on my lips so they felt dry again once the product wore off. I will say one good thing about it though - the product does take a long time to wear off of the lips because of the heavy consistency. So it would be good for someone looking for a long-wearing balm.