Photoderm Self-Tanner

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Kelly O.
The most blendable and the most buildable natural, glowing tan?

The title of this review really says it all... The spray is super fine you don't get any orange or dark spots around your ankles knees or elbows unless you're purposely sprain continuously than that one spot which people don't do. Haha I recommend this to anyone who likes a natural ish looking glow to their body. I don't recommend this for someone who likes a deep dark tan because while it's buildable, it doesn't have enough product in it to give you a super super dark tan more than one time because it would take a lot. I do love this product very much and that is why this is the second time I'm purchasing it.

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Caitlin R.
Skin issues! Buyer beware.

I normally love bioderma products. This was the only thing I haven't liked. It made my skin tight and hard. It caused ingrown hairs and discoloration (not the good kind). I always exfoliated before and after use, this just ate my legs and I'm still recovering.

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