Original Brush Tree


Trisha W.
You need this!!!

I bought the smaller brush tree first and it's great for all my eye shadow brushes but not for face brushes which tend to take longer to dry. This hold multiple thick handle brushes in one spot and decreases the drying time for brushes dramatically. Brushes are such a major investment and taking care of them will ensure that they last for years. I can't live without both of my Benjabelle Brush Tree's and think everyone needs one!!!! I don't use this to store my brushes, just for drying them, but I have even seen people use this for brush storage.

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Angelina S.
Yes, please!!

If not for a brush display, everyone needs this at least as a brush drying rack. Such a clever idea-- I also love that it holds any brush/ any brand. Getchu one!

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Amber R.

Everyone needs one of these to dry their brushes, I don't know how I did it before this brush tree. worth every penny and definitely will get more of them!