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Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow


Katana N.

This product will save your life, if you have any type of skin ( oily, dry or sensitive ) i have oily skin and it has helped with my face not becoming so oily during the day. I usually just wear this foundation now instead of wearing powder too. Because this actually does the trick and help with having a flawless look to your face

Alex M.
Love this foundation!

It's dewy and makes me glow. It really covers up a lot and has no bad odor or sticky feeling. It feels super light weight also. My friends told me my skin was looking amazing lately thanks to it. Really worth the money in my opinion.

Savannah B.

LOVE! I love this foundation i have dry skin and it makes my skin look airbrushed and so flawless i recommend this to anyone needing a new foundation. I got the sample size from the how to look the best at everything box and when i run out im definitely getting the full size. I also have the hello flawless powder and those together are perfect!

Brooke R.

I received some of the samples in the summer and loved this! I chose to try the 15-hour primer and their new powder over buying this also and wish I had. It was perfect in the summertime, very lightweight and not cakey but had medium coverage.

Frankie M.

Hmm.. I used this foundation for about five months and thought it was the best thing ever. However, as soon as I switched to the Chanel Perfection Lumiere I realised how average this foundation really is in comparison. When my skin is having a good day, admirably, this product will go on smoothly and look excellent with just the right amount of coverage. However, any other day this foundation seems to stick to all my flaws.. unless my skin is perfectly moisturised, it goes on unsmoothly and is difficult to blend. I also find that it has a true yellowy cast to it.

Jeannie K.

I like to wear this on a day to day basis. It's so lightweight yet covers all I need to be covered. The color matches my skin so well, and it really does give that brightening effect. It lasts throughout the day too. The only thing I didn't like about it is that it makes me really oily by the end of the day (my skin is already oily) but by then it's time to wash up and go to bed so its not a problem for me. Other than that it's perfect for regular everyday wear.

Nicki N.
My first time not being the lightest shade

On a whim, I went into Sephora a few days back and was like "I'm trying to save money and all of my face products are a little too light for me after spending some time in a tanning bed." As opposed to getting a lecture, I was led to the display of new Benefit kids and they've established that I'm no longer extremely fair and transparent. It's exciting. It's a light-medium coverage, which I like. I have young skin with minimal blemishes and discoloration so I prefer something that doesn't cake my skin when it doesn't need it. It goes on super smooth and a little pump goes a long way. I can do my entire face in a pump and a half. It looks great and it feels as though there's nothing on my skin. Plus, it has a bit of SPF. I do need to go over my problem areas with concealer, but I can make due with that.

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