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Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter


Azra K.

This highlighter is pretty and it looks stunning on the skin but it's not entirely what I expected. I wish I could've swatched this before purchasing but it wasn't out in stores in Asutralia when it was launched on Beautylish. The formula is very nice and smooth. I have a Becca highlighter in the shade Opal and there is a lot of consistency in formula between the two.

Heather R.
Gorgeous !
Photo of product included with review by Heather R.

This has quickly become my favorite highlight. I prefer to use it with a wet brush so it’s not powdery. Not too pink and not too gold.

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Karoliina K.
Shines like a diamond!

This is so pretty! Can be used as subtle or intense highlighter. Probably suits every skintone, too.

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Valerie B.
Legit Amazing!

This highlighter is so pretty and so blinding I absolutely love it! It can be soft and then build up to a amazingly pigmented highlighter. It looks pink in the pan but don't let that fool you. So pretty!

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MengJie Z.
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Beautiful color love love Becca inside a high light for the first time in the beautylish order quickly very good shopping experience will be very next single!

Christina F.
Love love love

Color is great!!!! Beautiful packaging. Going to Paris in October and had to get it!!!!! It’s such the perfect’s buttery like the rest of Becca’s highlighters yet while the color of the highlight with other company’s may appear subdued due to the peachy color, but here it is the perfect combination of sheen and color!!!

Marissa G.

It's very pink in the pan, but comes off more gold with a pinky undertone on the skin. It's beautiful and exactly what I have been looking for, thank you BECCA and Sananas!

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Tina K.
Highlight of the year!!

I first saw this highlighter being swatched on youtube. It looked so gorgeous! Pink and gold is one of my favorite color combinations. I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to it. So when I saw this I just HAD to have it. Luckily splits up your payments so I ordered a few other items at the time. I am so glad I purchased this. Especially seeing as it is limited edition. I might even order another one!

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Katherine D.

To say I own a "few" highlighters would be an understatement .... but I had to have this one and there was no disappointment.... absolutely gorgeous.... the soft pink with gold highlights are perfect for my skin coloring. If you are debating.... don't hesitate it is so worth it!

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Linda W.
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Loved this product as described, however (although it was packaged extremely well... as all Beautylish products are), product arrived broken. 😢

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