Bare Escentuals

Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss


Simone W.

Great nude lip for many skin tones, I would imagine. It's great on my pigmented lips. Stays on for a verrrrry long time and has a nice consistency. Not too tacky, not too thin...just right. If you're my age you will know what I'm talking about, the scent smells like that "cola" gummy candy back in the day. You know the one that was shaped like a soda bottle and was brown and whitish tan? It's crazy but you get used to it. Realllly like this gloss.

EDIT...I adore this gloss even more. About to buy another tube...hate that I missed it on sale for 40% off at ulta the other day. : ( Just realized it's minty feeling too. Pure awesomeness!