Insider Eyeliner


Jasmine L.
Not great

Even with primer, this liner runs and smudges all over the place. Within an hour what's left fades to a pale gray, looking more like I just woke up. I got this in a kit, so at least I didn't spend a lot of it.

Kelley Diona M.

This eyeliner stays put on the inside of your eye. It does not bleed during the day and it has never irritated my eyes. Its soft and the ONYX is a perfect JET black. This has become one of my top eyeliners.

Jennie A.

Bought this the other day and it goes on really easily and stayed put on my water line it did smudge a little bit in the corners but this is the best so far that i have found for my water line and its a rich dark black too makes my eyes pop!!!

Kara W.
so creamy

I dont wear eyeliner often but I LOVE this one! Glides on my eyes without tugging and blends nicely! Dosent cause irritation like others do. I wear contacts so no pulling on my eye lid is a must cause pulling causes messes up my contacts. Helps make the perfect smokey eye.

Amber H.
Move over MAC

I have always used MAC fludline faithfully! I never could find anything that compared, Untill I got this! I got it in a gift set and was so please at how well it works. It stays put on my waterline and lasts all day! The pencil is very creamy and glides on without any tugging. This is great to carry in my purse if I need to do any touch ups or darken my eyeliner!

Heidy R.
great for tightline

So smoooooth, long lasting and easy to apply. I have it in Onyx and it's a dark black, which I like. :) While usually I struggle at it, tight-lining with this eyeliner is very simple~ I had no idea it came with a built in sharpener!! XD That's great, I have to use it from now on hahahah!

Joann M.
Pretty Good!

I went for years not lining my waterline because my eyes are too sensitive. Only lately have I been experimenting and this is one liner that does NOT irritate my eyes went put on the waterline. Love the packaging, too!