Bare Escentuals

bareMinerals SPF 15 Foundation


Madison H.

Perfect for all skin tones it is really hard to make this makeup look cakey on your skin! You just have to keep buffing and buffing with a kabuki brush! It leaves a matte finish and stays on all day but can rub off on the tip of your nose if you apply to much! It is a concealer and a foundation in one you just have to switch brushes, use a concealing brush and a foundation brush

Molly G.
Best foundation I own!

I was using the pressed powder in the same shade and I have found that the pressed powder works really well in the winter when my skin is dry. I have combination skin and now that my skin is getting more oily due to the summer I have found the pressed powder looks terrible on me. It looks cakey and like I am wearing too much makeup when I barely have any on. So I started using the loose powder and I have found that the loose powder is great for oily to combination skin and the pressed powder is best for dry skin.

Bottom line of this post is that you have GOT to try the foundation (any/all of their products really-specifically their new lipsticks)! The foundation looks completely natural. I look like I am not wearing any makeup at all especially when all I add to the look is some mascara. I bought the foundation as part of their main kit and it was one of the best choices I have made. I highly recommend heading to your nearest Bare MInerals counter and giving it a try!

Christina L.
Best mineral foundation ever!
Photo of product included with review by Christina L.

I never used a foundation I didn't love more! I also never used a foundation that instantly put me at awe. After my first use, I couldn't believe how amazing my skin looked. At the time I was having really bad problems with acne and it covered every single imperfection my skin had. I received this as a Christmas gift by my mother. I have the fairly light, warmth, and trans powders as well. The brushes are wonderful as well. They came in the kit and I love them...very soft and helps blend wonderfully.

Staci M.
A product that grew on me.

When I first used bareMinerals, I could not understand where all of the love for this product was coming from. For me, it looked like I was wearing nothing, Warmth looked awful on my skin, and pretty much the only step I could get behind was Mineral Veil. I gave my foundation to a friend, and walked away for a while. When I came back to BE, I was a little more knowledgeable. I bought a different color and the Matte formulation instead of the Original. Now it is one of my favorite foundations. I love how easy it is to use one product for concealer, foundation, and powder. Also, it evens out my skintone without making me look too done up. I still skip on Warmth though, choosing cooler toned bronzers instead.

Lydia C.

I like this because it gives a healthy glow and it's lovely and light and healthy. My one problem is that it really doesn't give a lot of coverage. I like to wear this to school because it's very natural, however, I wear glasses to school quite often, and the area around my eyes is always gunky and oily wear the powder has literally rubbed off. Overall, I like it, but not worth the price.

Chelsea A.
it's Yes and it's No

I have such a love hate relationship with this. When I first got it, I loved it. With my troubled skin, I went from caking on foundation in middle and high school, to wearing nothing post-high school. When I was first introduced to this, I thought it was a life saver, and truth be told-- sometimes it is. Depending on how my skin is on any given day, the foundation works better or worse. If I'm breaking out/have extra oil/too dry, it looks cakey, thick and not good at all. But, if my face is for the most part clear-- it looks amazing.